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Having a drone makes inspecting solar panels easier than ever before. But using new technology effectively is not always as easy as it may seem – we understand that, and it’s our mission to ensure using a drone is as easy as climbing a ladder. That’s why we have immersed ourselves in your specific needs and we developed a drone to suit them. Are you ready for the future?


Flying a solar panel inspection drone is as easy as turning op the heating at home.


Get a real-time, HD view of your power station to quickly find dirty or broken solar panels.


Get a real-time, HD view of your power station to quickly find dirty or broken solar panels.

Hufter proof

A solar panel inspection drone is designed to operate in dusty, windy and wet conditions. And it’s sturdy too.

What a solar panel inspection drone can mean for your business

Our Solar Panel Inspection Drone


This is it. Our solar panel inspection drone. Designed and built to operate under all circumstances. Dust and water resistant. And very robust. And after the drone has completed its task, it can easily be lifted and transported because of the ergonomic handle.

One drone three different cameras

We want to make choosing the right drone for your needs as easy as possible. That’s why we’ve preselected the best 3 cameras in the market at their respective price levels.

Camera 1

The cheapest option. Very easy to operate. Has the capability to switch between normal and thermal images for the best overview. Limited capacity for extra options.


Camera 2

This camera offers more possibilities such as fitting different lenses or sensors with higher image resolutions. You can also choose to fit a 3D-scanner to the drone, so you can create images of the entire power station in one go. It is modular, but heavier. It is not possible to switch between normal and thermal images on the go.


Camera 3

This drone was designed specifically for maximum user friendliness, while staying under the 4kg limit. The unique software allows it to trace heat sources autonomously within an indicated search field. When a heat source is found, it will send an immediate alarm for the operator to act upon. This technology can help to find missing people, discover malfunctions in equipment and identify geological hotspots.

Easy Fly

Operating and flying a Customdrone is super easy: the drone can fly completely autonomously. This allows you to find a heat source quickly within a specified search area. Laws demand that the pilot always has the drone in eyesight and is able to intervene when needed. We will teach you how to do so in quick lesson.

Easy Result

The footage captured by the Customdrone can be viewed in real-time HD images on various screens. The drone can also save the images on a memory card to review later. You can also take 3D scans of your power station to identify defects or dirty panels. You can review these in real-time or in your office.

Our software

Our software is designed and coded for maximum user friendliness. You have the option to operate the drone manually and fly over the panels yourself, but you can also instruct the drone to create a 3D scan autonomously.

Full service

A drone is an important tool for you. That’s why we believe it should always be in perfect condition. In the unlucky event of breakdown or damage, we will ensure that you can fly within 24 hours either with your own repaired drone, or with a temporary replacement device.  You can contact us any time of day for this.

Dutch legislation

The legislation on drones is relatively simple. Through this link you can read all about what is permitted and what is not. In the Netherlands, you can almost always fly outside of residential areas, but strict rules apply to flying above buildings. Fortunately, the legislation is being relaxed more and more, making it possible to do so with extra safety requirements.

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